Clinical Pilates

I teach clinical pilates in a 1:1 or small group setting at The Osteo Clinic, Sandringham in Melbourne, Australia www.theosteoclinic.com.au

Corporate Mat Pilates

Improve the wellbeing of your staff & colleagues. Mat pilates classes can be conducted at your office space. Contact Angela to find out more

Private Pilates

Have you been wanting to try pilates, but don't have access to a studio near you? I offer 1:1 private coaching. Contact Angela to find out more



"I would recommend Angela if, like me, you are looking for an instructor who can help you to achieve your fitness goals, be as well as you can be, achieve harmony in your life and be in better control of managing any pain. My weekly session is fun too and one that I very much look forward to."Hayley Bradley
Hi! I'm Angela.

I love to move. I love the feeling in my mind and body when i’m moving and the endorphin release afterwards. Movement is key to my mental wellbeing, plain and simple - I feel happier when i’m moving.

Pilates has served as an integral component of my goal to stay fit, healthy and active. It’s helped me become strong and pain free and serves as a fantastic way to de-stress. I like to describe pilates as teaching you correct movement and through teaching I hope to be able to inspire others to move, cherish and love their bodies.

I’m on a mission to help people just like you! Whether it be pain, growing older, lack of time or convenience that has caused you to stop moving, pilates can help you return to a fully functioning body and achieve optimal movement so that you can continue to live a life you love and keep moving well into old age.

I have seen hundreds of people come through my clinic and every persons body is unique. Each person has their own set of postural issues, pain points and tight spots. Pilates is most effective when it is tailored to YOUR body’s specific needs and requirements.

The Angela Maree approach is tailored to YOUR specific posture type and lifestyle. It uses a fusion of pilates, stretch therapy and mindfulness to teach you how to move with grace and ease and develop the body awareness to achieve optimal movement.

Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.Joseph Pilates

Professional bio

Angela holds a Diploma in Clinical Pilates, Certificate IV in Pilates, Certificate IV in Fitness and a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. She has completed further study in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Stretch Therapy.

Angela has been practicing pilates for over 15 years and credits it to keeping her strong and pain free whilst working a career behind a desk in Finance. Angela enjoys working with clients in a 1:1 and small group environment. She has extensive experience working alongside physiotherapists and osteopaths in a clinical rehabilitative setting. She thrives on creating a personalised and challenging program that achieves results in returning her client to optimal health and a fully functioning body.

I teach clinical pilates in a 1:1 or small group setting in Melbourne, Australia. You can do my classes at:

The Osteo Clinic, Sandringham

1 Waltham Street, Sandringham

Ph: (03) 9598 5334


Small Groups

Maximum of 3 people in each class with each person working to their own tailored clinical pilates program designed for what their body requires

Private Class

1:1 or 2:1 private clinical pilates classes are available. You will work to a program designed for your body's requirements with 100% attention from the instructor

Stretching Class

A safe, yet extremely efficient way to improve your flexibility. Using various techniques including stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning and relaxation to improve the range of motion of your body and enable you to perform ordinary and extraordinary tasks with greater ease and for longer in life.

Teen Class

Designed specifically for teens. Maximum of 4 people. Pilates can help teach your teenager good postural and movement habits early on to prevent the development of postural issues in the future. Pilates can help decrease stress and tension in different muscle groups that develop due to extended seated postural positions that high school students often adopt. If your teenager is already participating in sports, pilates can help them enhance their skills and assist them in recovery from injury as well as teach good strengthening and stretching techniques.